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re: [dave's post on ps pumps and ac blowers]

Dave writes:  >. The biggest bear was flexing
>that damn coupler to get it out (the one which connects that housing to the
>AC/air intake plenum. The second biggest bear (perhaps the mama bear?) was
>getting the blower motor alligned so the c-clip would go on. Unlike a previous
>poster, I had no problem prying off the c-clip and working it back into
>the slot (I guess practice makes perfect, or at least teaches me a few tricks)!

Well.. that's okay. It did take me forever to get that c-clip on. I got the
blower motor alligned the first time though. Looking at the design of it,
neither I nor my physics major pal could figure out how it ended up aligned. I
just alligned the hole in the motor (cooling?) with the hole in the black
plastic housing, then slipped it in. Voila. I think my problem with the c-clip
was a bad tool. The clip ate three metal bits designed specifically for c-clips
and made by Craftsman! 
                            -Osman 89 200q