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Blower solution

I think I figured it out. This is the continuation of the blower motor saga
from the past few days. [where the motor went in fine but i've had lingering
troubles with the coolant display lcd symbol.] Attempts at bleeding the
reservoir were futile.. the car was full of fluid. Hmm.. I finally stopped
being lazy and decided to check out the heater core hoses. I removed the flimsy
plastic panel once again (what a piece of crap that thing is), and then started
up the car. I let it warm up, giving it intermittant periods of throttle.
Eventually, I noticed a significant amount of coolant dripping in the middle of
the car. My first thought was that I had somehow damaged the heater core in the
process of replacing the blower motor. But.. I then I noticed that the lower
heater core hose was leaking fluid. Seems, being the mechanical equivalent of
Mr. McGoo, I forgot to tighten up the lower hose. I gave it a few twists with
the trusts screwdriver and (crossed fingers and toes) I think the problem is
solved, I puttered around this afternoon a little and it seemed okay. 

Problem two: I think my father has been using non-phosphate-free Antifreeze. He
had a couple bottles of Prestone in the back of the car and they didn't say
anthing about phosphate content. SO.. it seems that I will be flushing the
cooling system. 

>From what I gather of the PROCEDURE:

(1) drain from the lower cooling hose. Don't let the stuff end up in the storm
drains. (but I still don't know what the heck to do with it then). 

(2) Starting with engine cold.. fill from the expansion tank. Start the engine
when the tank is full and let it warm up. Leave the cap off the expansion tank.
When the engine gets hot and the upper radiator hose opens with the thermostat,
you'll see a drop in fluid level.. keep filling until you have a touch of
overflow. Then, cap the beast because you are done.

(3) I believe Chilton's said the capacity of the cooling system is 8.5 quarts.
Is this correct for a 89 200q (MC engine code). How much does the "free" stuff
cost anyway and is it sold in normal parts stores?

(4)the reason that Audi specifies Phosphate free anitifreeze is to reduce
corrosion. So how urgent do I need to flush?

So.. is this info correct. Am I missing something important here? Thanks.