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Leaky fuel line

Hey everyone, 
    It's me.. Mr.McGoo again. I need to order the fuel line for the Q, but when
I called LInda we had difficulty in ascertaining which line it is that I need.
SO.. from what I can describe of the line.. it's long. It runs the length of
the passenger cabin approximately. The line runs along with another fuel line.
The two are held up by heavy rubber clips which are fastened to the body with
metal retaining clips. The line which is broken is the line to the Right side
of the car. In other words it is closer to the right side. When you bend down
and look under the Q from the passenger (not the driver) side of the vehicle,
standing at about the middle of the car.. the first line which you willsee 
is the line that is broken. The second one is immediately behind it. 
The second line  seems okay. SO..anybody know how I describe this fuel line 
to Linda? The car is an 89 200q. Thanks.   
                                         89 200q