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re: Feeling Isolated

Sorry for the delay.  
I also have an exposed nipple.  
Wow, I feel a lot better now.  
Maybe people just have a hard time talking about their nipples, Nick.

Seriously, though, my '91 200 Quattro has one, too.  

I didn't respond earlier because my total knowledge consists of "yeah, 
somebody once asked about that long ago and it's OK."  

Check the archives from the web page and you'll see it.  If you don't
have web access ask me and I'll go dig it up and mail it to you.  

Oh, and about your deodorant...  Most of us seem to wear Pentosin, or
nothing at all.  

    -Eric Harman
    '91 200 Quattro (for sale)
    '90 Mazda 626 Touring Sedan GT
    soon?: Legacy Sport Sedan, Maxima SE, ES300 ?????

>Dear Posting members:
>I recently sent in a posting and I got crap for a response.  Didi I =
>forget to put on deodorant?  Or did I forget to use mouthwash? I know, I =
>didn't floss between my toes.
>Come on people, help me. I got open nipples and covered pipes on my s4 =
>and I am confused and worried and now I feel completely rejected>
>- Nick
>PS. Please insert whining where ever you feel it is necessary. Thanks