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Re: COMSCC events

On Tue, 30 Jul 1996, Glen Powell wrote:

> COMSCC stands for Corvettes Of America Sports Car Club. COMSCC is today NOT at all a Corvette club.
> They have changed over the years into a track-time club and are NOT at all Corvette-centric. I guess they keep the COMSCC name for historical reasons. They DO put on an excellent event and their instructors are all very experienced. Some other (ahem) clubs Qcould Clearn Ua Slot Afrom these guys on how to run very cost-effective events. One thing COMSCC does that SCCA also does, with great success, is to supply their own course workers. You get an *excellent* view of the action and the line and can observe the technique of other drivers up-close and personal. I enjoy the working almost as much as the track time, almost.
> -glen
Glen and all.....As an old time COM member.....almost 20 years.....let me 
give you a little history....

The initials COMSCC was a way that the old Corvettes of Massachusetts 
Sports Car Club could get around the GM demands that it be a marque club 
back in the 60's.....people found out that at that point the Jags were 
faster and were using them to win championships in SCCA as COM 
members.....GM did not like that.....therefore, legally the name was 
changed (can't exactly remember what year....) and the corporation 
paperwork showed nothing of Corvettes of Mass ever again.....people must 
be careful of that too.....
After being away from COM for a few years....we took our sons to their 
event at Mt. Tremblant and I was very impressed.....their growing pains 
paid off.....Tremblant, is, by the way, a far superior track to NHIS as 
far as the road course goes.....NHIS is a difficult road course to master 
and no one, not even the best drivers, ever master it......my advice is 
to run conservatively there....there is no real runout.....the facility, 
there is the best around.....right down to the showers.....