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Re: '94 100SW for Sale

With regards to the '94 100SW Steve Pitts is selling he states: "this car truly 
is "showroom" condition! I really don't think the dealers appreciate an 
exceptional car come trade time...a trade is a trade..." I do not entirely agree 
Steve, dealers _love_ execeptional cars like yours. They won't give you squat 
for it, but they sure will jack up the price when the new buyer comes through 
the door because "it's an exceptional car, in showroom condition."  I hope a 
q-lister buys your car. If this does not happen, be sure and tell the dealer 
you'd be more than happy to tell any potential buyers about your car. When a 
potential buyer calls, find out what the dealers asking for your car, after you 
get up off the floor, be sure and tell the buyer how much the dealer gave you 
for it. It's about the only way you can get even. The dealer who sold my '91 200 
TQW had a $3,500 margin between what he gave the previous owner and what he was 
trying to sell it to me for. A third party inspection revealed about a $1500 
worth of work that needed to be done. I told them to fix it, they cried and said 
they could not afford to do that but would do the work at cost and pay for half. 
That's when I told them I was already giving them the $3,500 and they could 
easily afford to do the repairs at cost. They did.