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RE: Synthetic Oil Change Intervals?

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I just changed the oil & filter in my n/a coupe after too long.  I run
Syntec 5w50 and mann filters.  I must say, I'm "burning" less oil, the
train >is< quieter,(the coolant temp a nudge lower?), and the high end !
power! and ~speed~ have opened up.  The old oil looked like crud -
smelly.  I feel synthetic should still be *good* when you take it out,
?  It should be changed before it goes bad.  I lean towards 5000 miles
but I'm lazy sometimes.  What the synthetic gets you is not a longer
interval but better lube qualities while it's in there.

BTW the car has cost me $195.99/month to own, upkeep has been
putting on roughly 20,000 miles a year.

82 cgt 210,000 miles

PS what are DRL's?

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>> Personally, I like changing oil more often (app. 3,000 miles), but on
>> the other hand I've heard that since synthetic oil practically never
>> breaks down, you can just leave it in and 7,500 miles is certainly not a
>> very long interval in any case. For longevity's sake (and peace of mind)
>> I'll stick with my 3,000 mile intervals.

>If I recall, it's the gradual acidifying of engine oil that will become a
problem later on. Granted, normal >dino oil does use a lot of viscosity
modifiers, etc. that would not withstand usage than synth. >Although I
synth has more stability in acidity, would you like to take a chance?

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