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I have a 1994 Audi 100S Wagon (fwd) that I want to sell so that I can 
purchase a new 96 A6Q Wagon.  I do not want to "trade" this beauty at 
the dealer.  Today is Monday, I will sell this car to the HIGHEST BID by 
SUNDAY, AUGUST 4TH, 1996 AT 11:59 P.M. (unless of course the highest bid 
is less than the silly dealer says is "trade" value...ha..ha).

This car is absolutely perfect inside and out.  There are NO, I repeat, 
NO scratches or dings.  I am the second owner @ 15k miles.  The car now 
has 24K miles.  Nothing has broken since I have owned the car, only 
routine maintenance.  To my knowledge, also only routine maintenance for
the first 15K.  Car was originally owned by an Audi Executive.  The car 
is Rubin Red Metallic(Burgundy Metallic) with Ecru leather interior.  
Auto trans, dual air bags, auto rotary sunroof switch, 95 type side view 
mirrors, perfect condition 10 spoke rims with shit factory goodyears 
(sorry, 5k more miles to use them up), factory BOSE STEREO with factory 
10 disk CD CHANGER, factory motorolla VOICE-ACTIVATED TELEPHONE, 3rd 
seat, zymol wax every 3 months.  This car truly is "showroom" condition!
I really don't think the dealers appreciate an exceptional car come 
trade time...a trade is a trade...so I'd rather see one of you guys buy 
it, who definately would appreciate a well maintained car.

Pictures available upon request...make your offers...

Steve Pitts
95.5 S6
94 100S Wagn