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Re: '93 S4s raffle

>Did anybody buy the raffle tickets?  I did and can not locate the 
>promotional flyer indicating the raffle date and contact phone number 
>of the organization.  Can anybody fill me in on the date and a contact 
>name/number?  Thanks.
>89 200tqw

Call North Country Animal League 802-888-4303. They take credit card phone
The drawing is at the Stowe (VT) polo fields 8/17/96. 500-1500 (max) tickets
to be sold.
Car is green/ecru, 40k miles, add snows on rims, garaged and perfect looking.
If you win and I loose, I'll be bummed, but good luck, sorta.


Jonathan Fenton
'93 S4sIA3
Montpelier, VT