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Re: ShorTen ; Real (was: ProLong ; Fake???)

> Has anyone seen that infomercial for a product called prolong?? It is an
> engine treatment. They showed them drain the oil out of the cars and drive
> around just fine.

In my opinion, the informercial that used vacuum cleaner for hair-cutting
(or was that hare-cutting?) was the most interesting.

For your information, drain the engine oil out of most cars and they will
still drive around fine -- for a while. I guess Cadillac calls this
"limp-home" feature on their Northstar engines. I know a camel who went
around without water for a week.

Hint: Post this to rec.auto.tech or something. People there know a lot
better on these stuff. I know several people there who dissambled engines
and coated all the internals with Telfon. Reportedly decreased the 
dreaded internal friction by 24.55%, and increased MPG by 26.37%. The
projected engine life increased whopping 350%!!

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