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Re: Mann Oil Filters...

In a message dated 96-07-30 00:06:03 EDT, Nivi@aol.com writes:

<< I just ordered a couple of Mann oil filters for my CoupeQ from a
 list-recommended vendor, and he sent me these really *heavy* filters that
 looked like they had been sprayed with black primer, then the Audi printing
 was spray stenciled on it. This is different as compared to the OEM >>

Mann makes multiple lines of filters; OE quality, aftermarket quality, and
private label stuff.  For a time in the U.S. Mann also had a jont venture
with an aftermarket-oriented company and was turinig out a variety of filters
under the Mann name that didn't meet OE specs. Thinks like less total
filtration area (cut one apart and count the pleats x the cross sectional
area of each fold), lack of the internal valving, dirty innards, and rubber
gaskets that wouldn't withstand the extreme blow-out pressure of an engine
cranking heavy-weight motor oil on a cold morning.

Mann did withdraw from the U.S. joint venture, but continued to liscense
thier name to the former partner company as part of the "separation

If the filters you got are so ugly on the outside, I'd be curious as to how
they looked on the inside.  Cutting one open would seem like a low cost
peace-of-mind incurance policy.  Other questions:  Country of manufacture?
 Price too good to be true?