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RE: ur-q low temp light

Yesterday a green/blue temperature idiot light came on upon starting and then 
proptly faded away. I remember reading that the urQ with its lack of 
instrumentation had a light to indicate when the car was at the correct 
coolant temp. Does anyone know? Why did it go out immediately? 
A. Finney
1982 coupe
1983 UrQ

Yep, that would be the low temp light. Not supposed to run it up into boost till it is fully off, pretty much common sense. I don't even move mine till that light is fully out. Mine goes out in 1-2 mins (85 ur-q) It must be like below 10-15 degrees F for it to come on at all. Where are you located and just how cold was it at the time? Cold enough that trees & fire hydrants been thankin' dogs?