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RE: Looking for Audi Quattro -82 interior parts!

I use a scrapyard called Sanburn Autos, they are based in the West Midlands 
in England and they specialise in VW - Audi spares only. They are very 
knowledgeable about Audi's and also do mail order, I have found their prices 
very competitive also.

Telephone: - 01203 637376
Fax:-                 01203 667442
The above needs the England code to be dialled first.

Their address is    Sanburn Autos
          Rowleys Green
          West Midlands
          CV6 6AN

From: Jonas Sultan
To: awillmsn; tnas; hugo; NBanks; samm; justin; paul.heneghan; gregory; 
imahon; rossp; fhauko; rademer
Subject: Looking for Audi Quattro -82 interior parts!
Date: 31 July 1996 16:02

Hi guys!

I got your address from Quattro Digest.

Does anyone know of where I can get hold of interior parts (carpet,
seats, etc) for my Audi Quattro -82 (Ur-Quattro)? My car has been damaged
in a fire - need parts badly...

Maybe you know af a scrapyard in your country that specialises in
scrapping Audi cars? A phone number / FAX number would be great!


Jonas Sultan

Vstervdrnsgatan 2A
S-212 18  MALMV

FAX +46-46-31 26 26

E-mail jonas.sultan@factum.se