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No Subject

     <<1)  My wife wants to come to Lime Rock with the new baby.  Is there 
     any =
     where for her to amuse herself.>>
     That part of Connecticut is pretty (southern part of the Berkshires 
     running up through Massachusetts) and there are things to do in the 
     area, or so I'm told by Connecticut tourist info on the web.  As far 
     as things to do at the track, she'll probably get board watching cars 
     go 'round after a while.  If you're not driving, my guess is that you 
     would get bored after half a day.
     Maybe she can do something with my wife.  My wife and I are driving 
     separate cars so that she won't be stuck at the track.  (If I can get 
     my 4kq track worthy by then, I'll have a spare quattro in case one 
     breaks, as long as my wife hasn't gone off in it somewhere.)
     Jack Rich
     84 4000 Q
     88 Corvette convertible
     90 V8 Q