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Re: low temp light


>Yesterday a green/blue temperature idiot light came on upon starting and 
>proptly faded away. I remember reading that the urQ with its lack of
>instrumentation had a light to indicate when the car was at the correct
>coolant temp. Does anyone know? Why did it go out immediately?

That is the light that inicates the engine is cold. As the engine warms up
the light fades away until it is off, which means the engine is warmed up
and you can proceed with boost application. From what I remember on
my ur-quattro (>1.25 years since I last drove my car, but it will be back
soon) I does fade pretty quickly, but not like an on/off switch indication.

It wouldn't hurt to clean the temp sensor connections, there might be a bit
of extra resistance there. I am pretty sure it is on the back of the head,
pointing to the firewall, kinda near the wastegate. Both the low temp
and overheat temp switch are in the same sensor. The wires are

low temp warning - blue/brown
overheat temp warning - blue/yellow

Hope this answers your question.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
83 ur-q
86 GT