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Re: Oil Filters

          I too must buzz in on the FRAM filter debate. I was a
          faithful user until i ran across the discussion on a
          motorcyle list i was reading.  So i figured id check it out
          a bit.  Went down to the local Trak Auto and compared the
          FRAM to Bosch.. couple things i found out that didnt settle
          too well with me..

          1.  Not sure if it had the drain-back valve, but i know for
          sure that it did not have the by-pass valve (which diverts
          oil directly to the engine at start up and when oil pressure
          is low) the little spring loaded thingy.. im I correct on
          this one??

          2.  I usually buy in bulk because have 5 vehicles that
          called for the same FRAM part number (2865), or so i
          thought.  In the FRAM book.. the 2865 is also listed for the
          MB 300 engine.. well when i picked up the Bosch.. i just
          picked up 5.. until i though .. wait a minute and checked
          the book.  What gives, a different part number? Does anyone
          know the difference in the 2 filters, or is it some kind of
          valving thing?  I mean does fram just think that if the
          threads fit, use it????

          3. And lastly, i too had the gasket come off on the engine
          only to have oil squirt between the 2 gaskets *laffs*. Can
          laff now.. but that really pissed me off!


          87 4ks
          93 Accord
          83 VF750F