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Re: Water Cooled Turbo Conversion Parts Required

	Unfortunately during the repair of my '85 ur-q it was discovered the turbo 
	cold air fan has been damaged - so now I need a new turbo. I would like to 
	convert the turbo on the car to a later model water cooled bearing type. To 
	do this I need the following parts from an '85 or later 5000 turbo

	Oil lines, Water feed and return line, and the tap for the freeze plug for 
	the coolant return.

	Any help locating the parts or advice regarding the pros and cons (can't 
	think of any cons except getting the parts) would be appreciated. 

Considering the "importance" of these parts, unless you can find incredibly
clean/trustworthy used parts, I'd just bite the bullet (they taste *sooo*
good; trust me!) and fork over the M$ to buy new plumbing. Has the advan-
tage of being much easier than trying to build your own, looks factory-
installed, and should last the life of the new turbo/engine . . . Don't
forget to replace all the rubber inlet/outlet air hoses too. (I know it's
a real drag -- the turbo costs less than all the other ancilliary stuff!
Ouch! But the installation is such a snap -- zero effort [modulo getting
to the turbo anyways...], and it'll be good for another hunnert-thousand
or so!)

Doing the S4, or the RS2, or ??? The S4 is absolutely positively an
amazing upgrade to the car [first hand experience; see the archives for
my previous ravings on it]. Heard many good things about the "RS2"
turbo too . . .

And as long as you're in there, now's an excellant opportunity to replace
the head (it's cracked, ya might as bite the bullet now . . .), or at least
to port/polish it . . . and slip in a nice cam . . . motor mounts are
probably drooping by now . . . and your ground points are almost certainly
corroded . . . not to mention the 'undred-or-so other little rubber sus-
pension pieces holding your car apart . . . replaced the fuel pump recently?
. . . and if you get really bored, you can even try to get the center diff
to lock reliably! But then, I stray from the original question . . .

My $0.00's worth (all my real money's already sucked into the car!)