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oil consumption

I've been around as a reader for about the last nine-or-so 
months..interesting information..interesting conversations!
I think it's finally my turn--I hear the audi gods callig me to the 
alter to worship alongside the other audi brethren.

I bought a 93-90CSQ in february of this year.  The car had 30k miles on 
it and had been dealer maintained(univ. audi seattle). On the advise of 
the list, I filled with mobile1(20-50)at 33.5k with a oem filter(always 
used castrol gtx in the coupe). Since then it seems the car has been 
eating a quart of mobile1 about every 2k miles.  I've scouted around the 
engine and cannot find any external leaks.

I'm not looking at starting the synthetic vs dino fued again(great 
content, though!!) but i'd like to get a idea of what i'm going into 
before I visit the local audi cash-flow specialist.  It looks like 
alldata has a technical bullittens on their cd regarding oil consumption 
and leaks and I'd purchase it if I had a cdrom (hopefully soon!).

Can someone please enlighten me on possible causes or if this is just the 
normal thing for these v6's or better yet, share the info. from the 
technical bulliten with me.

BTW..my warranty ended right after i purchased the car--it's all 
out-of-the-pocket fun from now on...