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Re: Portia Loeks...

Thanks a lot, Jeff!  And to the whole list, no less.  I didn't think anyone
read the memo area, so considered it a safe way to release some pent up
Audi-related frustation.  I can't say anything at home due to the "Gaudis".
Please don't flame me, people, I'm still on bed rest for seven more weeks!

Portia Loeks, Audi Widow

At 11:32 AM 7/31/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I sold some wheels to Mike Loeks and he said he would have his wife, Portia,
>send me a check.  As promised, it arrived yesterday, complete with the words
>"Audi Crap" written in the memo area!
>You can't help but love a woman with a sense of humor like that...   ;^)
>     _             _             
>    / l       l o l  \       l o   Jeffrey Goggin
>   /__l l l / l l l  l l l / l l   * * * * * * *
>  /   l l_l \_l l l__/ l_l \_l l   AudiDudi@delphi.com

               Michael Loeks
               '86 5kcstq - Red w/ Fuchs/D60A2 1.8 bar boost
               '86 5kcstq - Grey w/ stock wheels/Comp T/A HR4 1.8 bar boost
               '84 Ford F350 dually flatbed(NOW we're talking utility)
               Warren, Oregon