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Driveing a Q

I have wrote and wrote about this question meny times lets see if I can 
make it less complex??????

Is there any files that can be sent to me on:

	-how to drive (no jokes please!) a 4kq in the snow (what mode 
of diff lock? and .....)

	-what tires are good for all around driving over/up/down/near 
CT-torrington area, this last winter we were geting feet to 5inches of 
snow???  I just want good all around tires (these P-600m/s SUCK!) 



BTW- have used MANNs in all of my VW and now in my Audi, just switch to 
FRAM (lifters were getting loud and my Mech. was closed :(  and switched 
to Castrol SytecBLEND.  1)THERE is a 101% differance from the MANN to 
frams I'll change the oil again this week end just to play it safe... 
but the sytec/blend seems to run hotter (130+ deg norm was around 100??) 
any imput would be helpfull I might even just go ahead with the full 
syntec ver?  2) any info on that valve chatter I found out it is norm in 
the cold, but in the hot?  My mech. told me its a sign to change your 
oil start to walk????  Should I be woried???  (just for info even my 
budies Satrun was chattering these past few days??)

oh well too much band-width :0