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I got it! I got it!

Tuesday night I took delivery of my brand-spankin-new blue A4Q from Criswell
Audi in Annapolis MD.  Sunroof, weather, grey leather.  NO Bose, thank you
very much.

The drive home to VA was a great test - it was raining like hell, slick
roads.  The car held fast to the road; the steering was true even through
puddles and milled pavement.  It was incredible.  

The only thing slowing me down was my own habits from driving the Q45a
luxoboat; I kept backing off because I simply KNEW that I was going to careen
into a tree.  I realized that my ear is directly connected to my foot, so
that when I was going 65 it sounded like 95 (the Q is not a noisy car) and I
slowed down to about, oh, 40 until I looked at the speedo and corrected
myself. :)  Gotta break that habit.

A few questions:

- The reception on the printed antenna ain't so hot.  I hate to ruin the
great lines with a real one, though.  Is this just a function of the lousy
factory radio, soon to be replaced with a Clarion?

- More for you audiophiles: Most of the radios I've been looking at are
double-DIN, which obviously doesn't fit right off.  Anyone successfully
modified their dash to fit one of these, or should I lower my sights?  I
can't particularly imagine how it could be done - maybe relocate climate
control or something.

- Aren't all the buttons supposed to glow red?  I have two white ones - the
"compressor" and the "temperature minus" on the climate control.  Is that
intentional or did they slip up?

- When I shut the engine off, I hear a loud spinning/scraping sound on the
passenger side from the foot.. um.. footwell, whatever you call it; it slows
down after about 15 seconds.  Is this just the cooling fan?  Normal?

- I've already had occasion to use the rear fog light as a "back off, man"
light.  However, as wired, it automatically triggers the front lights.  Can
this be defeated?

- On a less A4-specific note, what are people's ideas of the optimum
seat/wheel configuration?  I can never seem to find a position that a) won't
fatigue my arms and b) leaves me well-supported in my back; I frequently end
up leaning way forward in the seat.  I figured a bunch of driving enthusiasts
would be a good group to ask.

Jay Levitt
'96 A4Q Blue/Titanium, sunroof, weather, 88 miles