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Re: Driveing a Q

On Wed, 31 Jul 1996, John W. Seitz wrote:

> I have wrote and wrote about this question meny times lets see if I can 
> make it less complex??????
> Is there any files that can be sent to me on:
> 	-how to drive (no jokes please!) a 4kq in the snow (what mode 
> of diff lock? and .....)
> 	-what tires are good for all around driving over/up/down/near 
> CT-torrington area, this last winter we were geting feet to 5inches of 
> snow???  I just want good all around tires (these P-600m/s SUCK!) 

My sons use the Hakapaletta's  (can't spell it)....from Nokia.....they 
travel extensively withtheir 4KQ for ski meets and NEVER got stuck and in 
most storms maintained the legal speed limit......they had the most fun 
when they could hook up with other Q's and just run out to the ski areas.....
As for  driving.......check with the folks at the LRP event....many of 
them have just the experience you want.....on Sunday.....if you see a 
really pretty red 5KQ with BBS wheels......NH plate BLETH.....along with 
a grey ford van towing a white Saleen Mustang #50  (from the race the 
previous day)....look for Ray (my hubby).....talk to him about snow