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Too good to be true......

Hi Folks,

 First...another filter question:

 "If the oil filter is mounted perfectly upside down (hole Up)
   and the media is indeed "trapping" particulates, is the
              check valve found in some filters still very useful?"

 Well, I knew it was too good to be true.  Let me preface this note
with how much I enjoy this list and the majority of the folks on   
my missive on FRAM from a few days ago brought a couple of "rude" private   
responses.....MOST were helpful and intelligent....but some were not.
 I'm not using this to bash anyone for being juvenile...but rather to say   
that I very much appreciate the level of discussion, humor, and advice   
from 99.5% of the folks on the Q-LIST.
 As a friend of mine once said: "God made other countries to help you   
appreciate your own."  It took one or two fools to remind me what a great   
list this is.  Thanks everyone (almost everyone)!

 "He is a fool; and what is worse, he is
               a fool's idea of a fool."

Paul Royal
90 90Q20v (FRAM equipped)
87 5Ks (249,000+ miles and counting (even with FRAM))
67 SS/RS Camaro (FRAM equipped)
90 Suzuki VX800 (FRAM equipped)