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re:A fuel and his lines are soon a...

>The line of which you sprekinsie is referred to as "Fuel Pipe" and is Audi
>Part #:

>443 201 544D

>This part number includes BOTH pre bent gas feed and the return pipes, the
>rubber/aluminum connectors and the fittings to connect to the upper fuel pipe
>(firewall to CIS dist) and the pressure accumulator/fuel return (rear)...
> They are NOT available as separate parts....  Price should be around



Thanks Scott,
       I called up Linda and she informs me that there are NONE in the country.
"Maybe Canada" she says. Ugh... "2 weeks" she says. Sounds like the infamous
line from the movie the "Money Pit." SO.. I wait. Thanks for sending me the
part number, you saved me a big hassle. :)
                                              -Osman, Albany NY 89 200q