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bubbly sidewalls

>>2)  I have a bubble in the sidewall of the left rear tire.  Should I 
>>change before Lime Rock and if so, shpuld I make sure that the other rear 
>>tire matches since I just found that the tires I have are discontinued.
>Only keep that tire on the car if you want to make an insurance claim on 
>the soon to be damaged S4 of yours......  BTW it won't pass tech anyway 
>that way, And yes you shoould have the same type and age of tires on each 
>end of the car.
>Eric Fletcher

Hi Guys

Outward bulges are big time bad news, usually mean open ply splices in the
tire, just waiting for a blowout. Inward bulges, dents, are heavy ply
splices and besides looking bad are not really dangerous. Hope you have road
hazard insurance on these, even if not check with the manufacturer as this
is a defect.

Burl Vibert
83 Coupe 
and stuff