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Pending Insanity[or that stinkin' coolant symbol]

I'm going insane. It's reached the point where I just want to scream out loud. 
The story so far:

(1) replaced AC blower successfully (although the cold air doesn't seem cold at

(2) have had intermittant coolant symbol flash on ever since

(3) tightened down heater core antifreeze recovery and supply lines. This
resulted in a diminished frequency of the symbol appearing on my dash.

Now.. this is what is happening. The warning appears shortly after startup.
>From cold the engine coolant level is fine.. in fact I have overfilled it twice
now.... to no avail. However, I overfilled it when the coolant recovery/supply
lines to the heater core were loose so maybe I'll do it again. 

After driving for a bit.. the warning goes away.. 

the engine temperature gauge stays VERY low now. It used to reside a notch or
so below mid-way on the gauge. Now, it hardly rises above the first three (very
low) lines. I'm absolutely stumped. So.. not only am I getting this warning
symbol.. the car runs cool. The heater seems to work OK, and provides adequate
heat. The only time the engine reaches (what I consider normal) operating temp
is when it is in parked and running or in the city. I know.. the air from
highway speeds cools the radiator very effectively. YET..I never saw this
engine run so cold. 

I'm reaching the very end of my sanity. Please.... help. I'm starting to
believe that the only solution to my problem (if temporary) is a good bottle of
scotch and a fat stogie. Not while driving of course. :)