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RE: What one does with their German cars

It depends on who your car has been visiting with. A 5ktq that's been
maxed out from Hoppen/Ned/whoever and with an appropriate suspension
would run circles around most stock Porsches. In inclement weather you
probably don't even need the modifications.
- peter

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At 03:59 PM 8/1/96 -0500, you wrote:
I used to own a 5ktq and it wasn't that fast. All I know is that a
could have driven circles around me. I'm not saying they are bad cars,
not as fast as you think.

>Might be true, however, my 87 5KTQ has been the most reliable and fun
>transportation I ever owned. Besides, what could be "funner" than zapping
>the new money techno nerd in his/her new Porsche with a four door touring
>sedan. The only problem is getting the dog's strapped in.
>1987 5KTQ
>>Regarding :
>>>One 'wears' a MB much as one wears fine jewelry or a Rolex watch.
>>>One 'operates' a BMW personal conveyance.
>>???? Yes,  one operates a BMW. Personal Conveyance???
>>>>One DRIVES a Quattro automobile.
>>Errr, One FIXES and FIXES and FIXES a Quattro automobile.
>>87 BMW 535is
>>Lots of Audit Quattros
>>87 MB 300E 5spd
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