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Re: gold coupe

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The only real problem I would see is the Big difference between what i would
call "early" 80's Audis and the '84 up 5000 - you've got the space shuttle
body, this core was for the old style (my 83).  This one is a "Valeo", made
in Brasil, marked T 105 002 and 44.381.9031C (443 819 031?).  The core
itself is roughly 11" by 6.5" by 1.6", with plastic tanks and two angled

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>> Obligatory useful content for others...I have a new heater core for an
>> 80's 5000 turbo.  I don't ever anticipate needing it.  Will dig up the
>> number and dimensions if anyone can give it a home.  You pay shipping,
>> me a switch, or something?

>If nobody's asked for it yet, I just purchased a '84 5000S and would be
glad to have it.  Oops, just >noticed you said "turbo", maybe we should see
if it would be the same.  Better yet, maybe I should >put a turbo on.   :)

Lowell Lamb@macs.oandm.uiuc.edu

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