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Re: Smoking Engine

From: "Riasat Rehman" <RRehman@symantec.com>
>     Hi People,
>     I have only joined today and find it pretty cool already,
>     Was wondering if any of you can help me:-
>     I have just bought an Audi 80 Quattro (89) and the engine seems to be 
>     smoking a bit, it burns a bit of oil.

Despite the concensus of opinion on this list (which seems mainly to 
 consist of anal retentive types who change their synthetic oil every 
 weekend - only joking chaps!!), my experience of VWs,  Audis and 
 Porsches in the UK (and we have owned 6 of them) is that they burn a 
 bit of oil when they have done a high milage (>100,000 miles).  
 Typically, the oil consumption can go up to and even exceed a litre 
 every 1,000 miles.  Also, the camshaft cover gasket has a tendancy to 
 leak and needs to be replaced regilarly.
>     Does the engine head need re-engineering (Skimming)?

Depending on how the engine burns oil, it may need new valve guides 
 (smoking on overrun and 1st acceleration afterwards), or it may need a 
 rebore and pistons (smoking constantly under acceleration).  Skimming 
 is required if you have blown a head gasket and warped the head 
 (running out of coolant/fan not working).
>     And if you know any contacts in the UK (Berkshire area) who can carry 
>     out the works for me?

The performance specialists in this country are:
GTI Engineering, Midlands?
BRM (Brian Ricketts Motorsport), Leamington Spa?
TSR (Tim Stiles Racing), Somerset ?
Check the adds in VW/Audi magazines, or any performance car magazine.  
 These chaps really know their VWs and Audis.

You could get the work done by any competent mechanic, but I think you 
 are better off using an Audi specialist (you could try the main 
 dealers, but they tend to be very expensive, and don't necessarily 
 give the best satisfaction).
>     Many Thanks
>     Riasat
Let us know how you get on.

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1983 Audi 100 Avant