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Brake Squeal

Mike asked about brake squeal.....

I don't think turning your rotors is likely to solve anything.  Also, 
Audi rotors are NOT meant to be turned.  When replacing pads, you 
also replace the rotors....they are made thinner than other brands, 
to reduce sprung weight.  So turning them, as the Monty Python troupe 
would put it, is "Right OUT!".

IMO, the first thing you should try is to add hi-temp lube on ALL
contact surfaces for the pads front and rear.  This is a 
do-it-yourself job that can be done in about two hours if you want.   
The calipers do NOT have to be removed - just one bolt pulled and the
caliper pivoted upwards to allow the pads to be removed - lubed on 
the backs - then reinserted into the calipers.  Be sure to use blue 
loctite on the caliper retaining bolts.

Most of the time, squealing is **NOT** caused by the pads contacting 
the shoes.  It is caused by the pads vibrating against their contact 
surfaces on the BACK of the pad.  Lube this with the proper lube, and 
I bet your noise disappears.

Cost if you do it: $5 for hi-temp lube.

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