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quattro-digest V3 #816

In Manchester (area), I think it's a law for all tourists to go to Ben & 
Jerry's. Also
we stayed at a cute little B&B called the "Black Locust Inn". Nice
place about 3 miles N of B&J's. There's lots to do in that area, and
Stowe too, which is about 10 miles up from B&J's. Lots of nice restaurants,
"can't swing a dead cat without hitting one" ;-)  If you like biking, the area
can't be beat, really beautiful scenery and sleepy country roads.

96 red A4Q
89 red Toyota

>From: Myke456@aol.com
>My wife and I will be touring thru the following New England cities in a few
>weeks. I'd appreciate if any info from list members regarding sites,
>restaurants, Bed & Breakfasts in these, or surrounding areas:
>Stockington, CT
>Manchester, VT
>Mt. Washington area of New Hampshire
>Maine from Bath then south along coast
>Cape Cod, Mass
>Attleboro/Mansfield, Mass
>Conn. Coast