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Re: update on my sanity and the coolant symbol thingee

Bet you'll find the sensor all full of coolant as soon as you put it back in 
service.  It's shot and source of the leak!

On Fri, 02 Aug 1996, SOP8920@Siena.edu wrote:
>Hey all,
>    New update on the situation for those following my plight. I noticed that
>underneath the upper radiator hose was this electric coupling. A temperature
>sensor I thought. I also noticed that it had a little rubber cup which fit
>around it. The reason I noticed this all was because the cup was full of
>coolant. In other words, the wiring for this sensor/sending unit was immersed
>in the green stuff. I unplugged it and left it loose to dry out. 
>     Upon driving the car (with the sending unit still unplugged) I noticed
>that I had (1) no temperature reading (Ah-Ha!), (2) no coolant warning symbol
>(hmm...!) and (3) cold air coming from the A/C! SO... my guess is that it was
>all because of the immersed electric coupling. I'll reconnect it tommorow or
>sometime soon and see if it works okay all dried out. :)
>      Oh.. Doctor Bob.. I don't think it was the thermostat because the upper
>radiator hose gets hot once the engine warms up indicating that the 
>is opening. I follow your reasoning though.. the engine doesn't warm up so it
>must mean that the thermostat was stuck open. Since I watched and waited on a
>cold engine running it until it warmed up.. it seemed to me that the stat was
>opening. Anyway.. I think (knock on walnut trim) that I've solved the 
>So.. an amendment to removing your upper radiator hose for any-situation.
>Remember to make sure that the cup is sealed. Anyway.. later!
>                               -Osman Parvez
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>                                Albany NY
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