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Discontinued Tire Info

-- [ From: Daniel A. Ivanciw * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

I cannot find the original message from Nick, but he said something
about not being able to buy a tire because it was discontinued and that
now he would have to buy either two new ones or four because the old
ones are no longer available.

Well I cannot say this holds for all tire manufacturers, but Pirelli
told me that they keep factory stock of their discontinued tires in
case a customer needs a tire.  Back about a year ago I called the
Pirelli customer service number to inquire about some Pirelli P300
tires for a friend's car.  The tech guy told me not to worry about
Pirelli discontinuing a tire because they always keep a stock of their
discontinued tires at the factory in case a customer gets a blow-out or
otherwise damages a tire.  He said customers could order the tire from
any Pirelli dealer at the regular price, i.e. Pirelli does not charge a
higher price in such cases.  This sounds logical to me and is about
what I would expect.

He also told me that if I ordered a Pirelli tire that was discontinued
and Pirelli did not have one for me that Pirelli would send me FOUR
REPLACEMENT PIRELLI TIRES at no charge.  That I found hard to believe,
so I questioned him again, and his response was that Pirelli is
obligated to replace the tires and that it would not be a problem.