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Re: FWD: Fast+Efficient? (long)

Here I go again, mr party pooper.

Interesting idea, but probably utterly unfeasible from the production
perspective (unless you're just interested in a one-of-a-kind knock-off)
when you stop and think about the serious weight penalties and considerable
extra cost of the endeavour.  I'm not so sure about the increased
reliability either. The electric drive would provide minimal range (unless
we're talking about the proverbial ton of batteries) on it's own.  The
diesel would have a lot of extra weight to cope with when the electric drive
isn't kicking in, not to mention the myriad of new problems that could arise
from trying to keep both systems working together.  That translates to
poorer fuel consumption and lower reliability.

Improving the efficiency of the engine you have, rather than duplicating
systems (and consequently weight) seems like a better alternative.  A
turbo-diesel engine is superior in almost every way.  For example, the TDI
(here the Audi content) engine produces almost zero emissions, weighs far
less, undoubtedly costs far less, and produces almost gasoline-power-like

Please don't take this as a personal attack.  I think it is an interesting
intellectual excercise.  I also think it would prove a very rewarding
project for someone with the technical skill, imagination, and money
necessary to carry it out.  I just don't think it is an idea that is
commercially feasible.  I would however, love to be proven wrong.  If you
really believe in it, you should give it a shot.

Andrew Speer.