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Re: 17s on a 5KCSTQ!

>         Well, actually, its AudiDudi's '89 200TQ, but its the same body, 
> and most importantly, the same stupid flat rear wheelwells.

I originally thought of having them rounded ala the '91 200q but I've grown
to like them as they are (even if the car DOES look somewhat like a Mercury
Sable...).  Hard to believe but it's true!

>         I'm really tweeked again for 17" wheels!  Gotta have 'em...

Having lived with the 17s for a while, I now think I should have popped for
18s instead.  The 8x18 A8 takeoffs I saw advertised in VW/Audi car would be
>         We also looked at his EP 4K in process.  A very nice racing car 
> for sure.  I think he'll scare the H****s eventually.

"Eventually" is a good choice of word since it will take some time before I
get the car finished let alone sorted.  We installed the big "x" brace last
night -- it connects the main hoop and front downtubes and runs through the
transmission tunnel -- but there's still another couple of weeks installing
all the gussets, etc.  After that, it's off to the bodyshop for paint...

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