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Re: Them Tarz (Internecine warfare? not!)

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

Subject: Them Tarz

Al: I find that I and my esteemed list-colleague Huw are in  disagreement...

Huw:  > My favorite tires of all time...Falken 06C's   (205-60-15)

Al: Mr. Huw, how interesting.  Falkens  found  exceedingly average.   total
mileage  19K. 

Many of the local sports car club here at Texas A&M run Falkens,  mainly
because their dry traction is good and they're CHEEEEP at  Western Auto....

(Huw disparages Dunlops)

I replaced the Falkens with Dunlops (for the same money) and like them  much

For the Audi, I personally like the BFG Comp/TA in the H-series.   These are
rated to 130 mph, which - let's face it - is FAR more than  we actually need
.  They have much superior traction to the OEM Eagle  GA's or NCT's which we
inherited on both our Audis; they ride  smoother; and they last MUCH longer.
 They also have the great virtue  of being available for about $80 per

We can still be friends, right, Huw????

Al Powell       

Huw kneels before the altar and sacrifices a young Jetta

Of course, Al , I wasn't really trying to pose as the tire god, just sharing
my perosnal experience.  In fact that's why I noted the fact that I run
"cheap" tires  - obviously I'm not getting the nth level of quality. 
Appreciate your tout of the BFG, I'll have to try a set of them....

And what's this tire life thing?   Amazing how a 60- or 75,000 mile radial
can go so little distance!  Do you think it has anything to do with how I
drive?  (I go through six tires a year or so, @ 20,000 miles)

Huw (human) Powell

82 coupe, 84 seats, 85 steering wheel, 80 ECU and rad fan, momo rims; 480
watts if necessary
oh and I turned 210,000 last night....