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Re: WIX oil filters?!

>Yes, I've heard of Wix filters... 'been told that they are _premium_ in 
>terms of quality, but that's only what I've heard... haven't used 'em 
>myself... not real easy to find.
Our local auto parts stores (Westbay Auto Parts) carry the Wix brand.  They
have a display with a Wix, a Fram and a Champ filter cut open for
inspection.  The Wix is better constructed, and has more filter media than
either of the others.  I have opened up a Purolater filter, and the Wix was
nicer than that one, too.  The Wix also has the drainback valve in the Audi
application.  Most aftermarket filters use the same application for the VW
8-valve engines as for my 5-cyl 4kcsq, but not Wix.  I have been using Wix
for over a year, and have had no problems. (I never had problems with the
others, though.)  I will continue to use the Wix based upon my visual
inspection, availability, and cost.  The Wix cost no more than the Purolater
or the Fram, here.

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