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Audi Quattro emblems

On Sat, 3 Aug 1996, Ti Kan wrote:

> John Kuo-Sheng Su writes:
> > I have a 5000S '86 and want a cool 4 ring Audi emblem to put on the
> > trunk (instead of the chitzy dealership one on the right side right now).
> > The left side emblem is just "Audi 5000S".  I notice in later model year
> > cars there is the 4 ring emblem on the trunk.
> You can buy the rings from the dealer, but I think it would look
> pretty silly on the right side.  It looks much better in the
> center, but then on your car there is the trunk lock button in
> that location.

	That's true about the trunk key cylinder.  I have thought about 
replacing the emblems on the back of my 5KCSTQ with just "Audi" and 
"Quattro" from the later 200, because they are chrome pieces instead of 
the ugly black plastic on mine.  I did at least remove the "5000 CS" so 
it only says "Audi" on the left and "Quattro" on the right.  This looks 
a little more up to date, but I think the chrome pieces would look nice.  
I noticed them on Jeff Goggin's 200TQ Tuesday.

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