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17 inch wheels (also P7000)

i've got 17 inch wheels on my v8. (BBS RX 17X8)  i think that it's a
really good compromise between looks, ride quality, unsprung weight,
handling and immunity to damage.

since i intend to use this car primarily in bad weather, i got pirelli
p7000 tires in 235/45 size.  the sidewall height is decent and these
tires are incredibly smooth riding, so i was able to use my regular
inflation pressures of 45/40.  with that much air i greatly reduce
the chances of bending a wheel.

people have been very complimentary towards the new look of the v8.
definitely a big improvement over the stock ronals and the tall tall

some however have pointed out that the regular 10.9 inch brakes now
look small.  something to bear in mind if you're thinking of going
beyong 17...  i'm not about to do anything about that for the
moment because one needs to look a bit harder to see the brakes..

there is a definite handling improvement with the shorter sidewalls
of the 45 series tires, while the ride quality has remained the same
thanks to the excellent design of the p7000.  i am not happy with
the lack of sharpness in its responses however and i would not
recommend this tire for those of you intending to take the car to
the track.  however in the grand scheme of things it is a very good
match for my needs.  it was superb in yesterday's gushing rain for