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False 5T engine knocking; exhaust; Lime Rock

Thanks for the help with my false engine knock indication/boost problem.
The temp sensor by the intercooler does indeed appear to be defective. It
checks out at 40-70 Ohms where it should be 400-700Ohms so I am going to
get a new one.

I have been neglecting the older of my 5Ts a bit so I am doing a few
projects including new exhaust. I called a few places, Shokan and MAAS.
They both had reasonable prices $100-$140 per muffler section. However, I
am worried that I will get a crummy after-market part. Did any of you go
cheap on your mufflers too and get parts that you really liked and
thought were comparable to "the real thing?"

By the by, when is the Lime Rock meet? Do you have to be a member of
something to go? I would like to meet some of you.

Thanks,  Bo (Hartford, CT)