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Saw the following while out joy-riding this afternoon in the Porsche in the 
Markleysburg, PA area (around junction of PA/MD/WV):

1987 5000CS Quattro Wagon, exterior Pearl White, interior looks like some
tan/brown/grey mix.  Car had 193,000 miles on the odometer!  Body didn't
look too bad for the mileage, but had several surface rust spots (not through
the body).  Engine compartment looked fair; engine was rusty, belts looked 
like had seen better days.  Was a relay/connecteor outside the master 
cylinder (close to fender) that had been disconnected;didn't know what 
it did.  Windshield had long crack parallel to dash; left headlight also 
had crack line.  Rubber looked like had about 1/3 left, rotor surface 
looked smooth.  Tie rod ends looked like they needed replacing.  Body 
didn't looked like it had been repainted or collision repaired, but didn't 
look super closely since I wasn't buying the beast.

Owner wasn't in, but babysitter said phone no.on car was correct:

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)
1990 Coupe Quattro
1995 Porsche 993