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Re: Alternator/ Voltage Regulator woes....

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Check the wires at the alternator.  The small red wire provides current to
the stator field when the ignition is on and the big wire(s - mine has two 8
ga) are the output.  If there is any fraying or corrosion, fix it.  (new
terminals, heat shrink, silicone*)

Also check the voltage regulator/brush assembly.  two bolts hold it in, can
be a little tricky but it's not bad to remove & replace.  The brushes are
about 1/2" long when new, you can evaluate yours accordingly.  Again, clean
everything gently and use silicone*

* I am not talking RTV here.  You should not use silicone *sealant* 
(aquarium glue, caulk) on electrical connections.  It will seal moisture
*in* and can cause much faster corrosion.  What I mean is a Silicone
Dielectric Compound. what I use is "Standard SL-4".  It stays "wet", it is
designed to exclude moisture etc from exposed electrical connections.  I got
this at an auto parts store, it's probably intended most for trailer light
harnesses.  I use it on everything I take apart.

said human humbly

82ish cgt, you know, the (a) gold one....

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Date: Saturday, 03-Aug-96 10:36 AM

From: Michael LaRosa           \ CompuServe:  (76761,1444)
To:   q g                      \ Internet:    (quattro@coimbra.ans.net)

Subject: Alternator/ Voltage Regulator woes....

Ok here's the scoop,  this is the continuing saga of the 89 100 Wagon.......

I've since replaced the battery and the alternator belt.

The belt is plenty tight and the battery is now 2 weeks old.


Ove the last weeks when the A/C is on at a stop light idling the  voltage
gage has been dropping lower and lower everyday.  

It is now to the point where the alternator and brake lights come on at a
light. The gage says 12v if your lucky.

When driving at night the dash lights and head lights flicker at a somewhat
steady rate of 1 second bright, 1 second dim.....

The battery is new, the voltage gage says 13 + volts when cruising... while
the flickering is going on....

Am I still looking at a bad alternator or more likely a bad voltage
regulator ?

Is the regulator part of the alternator these days ?  last time I messed
stuff was on a 1970 chevy :-)  much easier to fix..... :-)

trying to get this thing fixed today everybody so If anybody can help
quickly I'd appreciate it. 

Thanks in advance :-)

Mike L.

90 V8 
89 100 Wagon

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