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(Fwd) Re: Sunthetic Oil once Again

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To:            Nicholas Pinto <npinot@ix.netcom.com>
Subject:       Re: Sunthetic Oil once Again
Date:          Sat, 3 Aug 1996 20:31:03

Hey Nick,

For my money Amsoil is right at the top. After several in-depth posts on 
this list (prolly in the archives), Amsoil, Mobil 1 are right up there... 
and IMO there is no better filter than the Amsoil (and I'm not a 
dealer - just check the filter micron size). After 5000 mi. on the oil with
the 100CS the oil looks absolutely like new. Not quite so good on the V8Q
(Amsoil doesn't make a filter for the V8), and the old 5000T w/250,000 mi
looks pretty good. But there is a lot of crud to work out of that old beast..
the most important thing, I 
think, is that they all seem to run a little cooler. I've seen 
nothing adverse.  In the old days rings would build up carbon behind 
them (kinda seal) and detergent oil would break the gook up... with a 
resultant increase in oil consumption. But I haven't seen any 
indication of that in these three.  In fact neither the 100CS or V8 
use any oil... well, not enough to add a quart after 5000 mi. when I 
change. Your the decision maker, but I personally wouldn't hesitate!

CUL,  Les
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> 1)  Is it every too late to change top synths??  I seem to remember reading somewhere, back in the '70's, that you needed to run synthetic from the beginning and that you shouldn't convert over.  
>  have three vehicles that I would like to convert and 2 have some mileage on them.
> 2) I gather Castrol and Quaker St along with Mobil are the top synths, but is there a good rating on any others, such as Havoline (texaco)???
> Thanks, as always!!!
> - Nick Pinto