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Re: 5T exhaust

At 05:11 PM 8/4/96 -0700, you wrote:
>What does the 2.5" exhaust run, please?  I am enclined to go budget with 
>my '85 but might spend a bit more for my '87. And any suggestions for the 
>best budget value in after market 5T exhausts?

Depends on who you know... For starters, JC Whitney sells a good 2.5" cat
(uses up to 5.7 liter - so it WILL free flow!) for 84.00. Add a decent
resonator (inline) and a nice sized muffler inna back. Find a good muffler
shop with 1) someone who can weld, and 2) knows how to do smooth 45 degree
bends, and I figure you can keep it under 325.00. Now if ya want 304 SS, yer
gonna be talkin' big bucks here...

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