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Re: Mo'Oil

>No problem, as long as you don't have a vehicle with advanced mileage
>(80-100K+) and heavy sludge buildup.

No easy way to tell this before it's too late, I think.  I'd say synth's a
good bet if you've been running high quality oil with regular changes.

>Run a good engine cleaner thru
>as per label directions (I usually get Gunk engine cleaner at the
>local parts store), then change, and make your first couple of oil
>changes a bit early.
>> 2) I gather Castrol and Quaker St along with Mobil are the top synths, =
>> but is there a good rating on any others, such as Havoline (texaco)???
>I would not name Castrol or Quaker in the top three.  They are but
>rank newbies in synthetic oil.

In North America perhaps.  I believe that Castrol's been selling synth for
many years in Europe.  Comments from our European friends?

>The oldest and most researched brand
>is Amsoil; Redline has a higher quality base stock but is even more
>expensive.  Mobil 1 would be my #3 pick.  IMO, every other synthetic
>brings up the rear of the pack after these three.

I've heard good anecdotal stuff about Syntec (Castrol), though I plan to
switch to Mobil 1 at some point.

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL