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Timing Belt Change Out

I have now completed the change out of the timing belt on the 91 200 q and the
87 5KSQ (now sold and gone) in the last two weeks.

The 91 200 q has smaller amount of surging now (but after reading Linus's post
and other people's advice, I believe the rest is in the O2 sensor), and the
engine is more smooth and seems to have better power! Wow! all from a timing

The belt lash on the cam sproket (amount the belt moves before the cam sproket
moves going from drive side of the tooth to coast side) is just about
eliminated. The worn belt had very noticable belt lash. I'm sure this helps the
car out.

Due to problems with the supplied belts and one operator error problem I have:

Audi PS belt
NAPA AC belt
Imparts alternator belt

But the're all new!

Total time to do the job including replacing water pump, and filling/venting
coolant system was about 7 hours over two days. First time I ever took the
bumper off (I know, I know, it's easy and makes life real easy) to do the job.
You have to on this car.

What's with the 27 radiators/intercoolers/air lines everywhere in the front of
the car?

I can now easily reach 1.7 bar boost in 4th and 5th gear, don't have 1.8 bar. I
tightened the hose clamps for the "goes out" of the turbo (points straight
down), and the two hose clamps that run a long the botton of the inner cooler
(really behind the bumper) which I had never seen before. I'm sure this helped.

Total cost:

timing belt	25 (from audi dealer)
water pump	59 (from imparts)
coolant		12 (from VW dealer)
PS belt		22 (from audi dealer)
A/C belt		14 (from NAPA)
Alt belt		8 (from imparts)

Total		$140

The old timing belt was very cracked on the outer side of it. Mine had 90K miles
on it.


91 200q

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