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Re: NE Audi Outing August 18th

Hairy green toads from Mars made Paul C. Waterloo say:

> Everybody who thinks that there is a very good chance they'll be attending email
> me with number of people that will be in your party. Tell me if you want to
> participate in a community picnic. This means everybody brings something and we
> all share.
> After I get a count, I can possibly put together a picnic/food schedule for
> people who want to chip in on bringing food for a group of people. That way we
> can have some really good stuff!

I'll definitely be there, and my wife, the more-than-fair Angela will
come if we can figure out what to do with the bonehead dog for the weekend.

I (we) will happily share in a picnic, and I'm going to make something
interesting since I love to cook.


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