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Re: european car rentals with Budget/Dollar

In a message dated 96-08-05 09:40:50 EDT, loren01@ix.netcom.com (Scott
Bermes) writes:

<< Saab has agreements with Budget and Dollar to 
 provide 9000 at various locations.  >>

This post reads a bit like an ad.  What it actually means is that Saab badly
needed to unload a large number of 9000 models as their freshness label was
about to expire.

They did a nearly profit-less deal to move the iron. It comes at the end of a
sales year that otherwise would have been quite sub-par.  As it is, the are
ahead of last year's pace now, but will have to "re-market" the same cars as
used cars later in life.  It delays facing the reality that the 9000 is no
longer able to sell in reasonable numbers without extraordinary measures.