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RE: Back from Colorado, but AIRBAG questions...

The air bag warning light in my 91 Caprice will stay lit on very warm
days when the car kas been parked in the sun and is hotter than hades
inside. Always goes back out once the weather/car cools off. 


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>Subject: 	Back from Colorado, but AIRBAG questions...
>Hi gang,
>I just returned from Colorado tonight, and the S4 was great for the
>trip.  We put LOTS of miles on the S4 (it now has 61,200) and
>wouldn't ya know it, we didn't QUITE make it back here to Iowa
>quirk free. ;)  About 60 miles south of "River City" (home) the
>AIRBAG light comes on!  Actually it did it once while in Colorado
>but I figured it was a warning as to what I'd be experiencing if I
>didn't slow down while navigating the twisties coming into Vail on
>I70.  ;)  hehehe   But seriously, it came on a went of while in
>CO, and when it came on today it flashed once (maybe twice) and
>then stayed on until I turned the car off.  After I restart the
>car, the light comes on upon startup, but then goes out.  The
>owner's manual is vague... it just says something like "if the
>light is on, you're screwed.. hehe Just kidding... it says it "may
>require inspection or servicing" -something along those lines
>SO, has anyone else had this problem?  Any ideas what might have
>caused it?  (Did those nasty CO roads knock a connection out of
>whack somewhere?)  
>BTW, for those of you in Colorado, I feel sorry for you... you have
>some REALLY nasty roads out there!  AYE CARAMBA!  ;)   Also, I had
>a few names to look up if I was in Ft. Collins, but we didn't make
>it that far North.  We were in Estes Park (warning: tourists up the
>yin yang) and in Vail which was thankfully not as crowded and
>had LOTS more Audi's in the area).  BTW, the S4 did feel kinda
>'sleepy' at the high altitudes... lots more horses on tap now that
>it is back in the 'lowlands'.  
>Oh yeah... anyone in the Denver area driving along 1-70 in a met.
>red V8Q breeze by a pearl S4 Saturday morning around 11 am? ;)
>Anyway, CO is a nice place... gonna have to go
>back again sometime.  Thanks for any input on the airbag situation.
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