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Again with Filters?!

Hi Folks,
 As much as this has gone on and gone on; allow me to
drag it out some more.

 On drain back valves..check valves..or whatever.

1. I asked if these were indeed really useful on a filter that is
mounted exactly vertical...hole side up...no one can seem to tell me, but   
lots of listers have claimed it's important.  If oil does indeed drain   
back into the engine/pan from the filter after shutdown...how come my   
filters are jam packed (that's full) of oil when I remove them (even   
"valveless" FRAMS)?

 On the "Media"

2. Lots of listers have said that they have cut open filters or seen   
pictures of the innards of different filters.  No one however (I don't   
think) has
given any data on what any given media actually is trapping or letting   
go.  Despite some listers' feelings about CU, they're the only ones that   
I know of that have measured in microns what is coming through the filter   
(this is where FRAM blew other tested filters out of the water).   
 Remember the last time you went to the bathroom at the racetrack and   
they had those nice brown paper hand towels with the absorbancy of Saran   
Wrap?  Well, I'd rather have one square of Bounty than a yard of that.   
 All I'm trying to say is...
"Audi owners want media that traps particulates well, not particulates   
 good taste."  Let's not get into the toilet paper at the racetrack.

What say you?

Paul Royal
90 90Q20v
87 5Ks
67 SS/RS Camaro
80 Suzuki VX800